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Concerning a complete cure for headaches and neck pain...
"For the past 10 years, my husband has suffered from headaches, which increased in frequency and would sometimes last for 2-3 days. In fact, latterly, he was almost never free from a headache and pains from his ears down either side of his jaw and down his neck. He put his headaches down to the fact that he suffers from an allergy to the house dust mite and often sneezes violently. Added to this, he began to suffer from general neck pain. As a 63-year-old design consultant he put the neck pain down to his working position, bent over his desk drawing and designing for over 40 years. Our GP advised physiotherapy for the neck pain, but several sessions did nothing to alleviate it. Whilst I was visiting Mr Linden-Kelly for my six monthly check up, he enquired if I had any headaches or neck pain? Somewhat surprised, I said ‘no - but my husband does’. After Mr Linden-Kelly explained that both headaches and neck pain could be caused by clenching the teeth together at night, we decided that my husband should see him. He fitted my husband with an NTI to wear at night and almost immediately his headaches disappeared and the neck pain has improved slowly but surely. He is now free from both. There is little doubt that that the tooth clenching and grinding is caused by stress - 40 years of running ones own business! But the dentist has the cure - leave the GP to prescribe various drugs to alleviate the pain but not solve the cause."
Mrs Elizabeth H

"Having endured classic migraine attacks since 1955 I had long since given up any hope of controlling them. Quite by chance I happened to see the spread in the paper and considered a 'last ditch' attempt might be worthwhile, although I must admit I was very sceptical. I am delighted to say that since wearing the brace, waking up in the morning with migraine seems to be a thing of the past and I cannot begin to thank Mr. Linden-Kelly sufficiently for this blessing. I just hope that other sufferers may be as fortunate as I".
Irene B

"I used to clench my teeth at night in bed and would pay the following day with a migraine. I had several a month, but my record was seven in ten days. At first I though they were triggered by classic migraine foods, such as red wine and chocolate, but I still got them when I took the triggers away. I had pains down the side of my arms as well as my head and I would see flashing lights. I had to lie down for four or five hours before they went away. I consulted Dr Linden Kelly after reading about him on a Website. I still clench my teeth at night, but the guard stops my back teeth from coming together. Since using it I have been headache free".
Mr W. Surrey

"I came to see Dr Rory Linden-Kelly in December 2013. I have always been a chronic migraine sufferer since 2005,often caused by stress related, hormonal ,dehydration or missed meals. Typically I get 3-4 migraines a week and of those I wake up with them at least twice a week. They ruin my day and often have to dose on many painkillers to get through my day dealing with patients in a busy clinical environment working  as an optometrist. 
I have tried everything under the sun,seen all sorts of therapists and neurologist,acupuncture, massage etc but nothing has stopped them happening and relief is only temporary. 
My husband recently said to me that I grind my teeth frequently at night. .so I decided to do some research on line . Thankfully I came across Dr Linden-Kelly of whom I read some exceptional positive reviews,one of which was published in the Daily Mail !  I have since been fitted with a bruxism appliance called NTI which I wear over my front two teeth to separate upper and lower jaw to prevent the grinding..and the relief was instant and unbelievable ! I am amazed that this little appliance which my husband calls 'roger rabbit ! ' has changed my life !
 I no longer wake up with  dull migraines and I can carry on my day without reaching for the dreaded painkillers every morning ! My migraines have improved by 85 percent and I would have never imagined it was my teeth all these years causing the problem and the fact that a dentist cured my problem !
I would highly recommend Dr Rory Linden-Kelly who is a very  experienced, professional as well as friendly and highly knowledgeable :) So if you frequently wake up with morning headaches. .book your appointment soon..its certainly changed my life for which I am so grateful to him for ! Its definitely money well spent and a small price to pay for a headache free life."

Mrs Bejal P Bhudia -optometrist from north London

I was suffering from a sore TMJ so visited my GP ,Dr James Le Fanu ,who is also a writer and columnist for The Daily Telegraph. My main problem was the right jaw joint and my jaw muscles were tender as well.This jaw joint had been making popping and grating noises and even locked once. I had been told that I was probably grinding my teeth at night and this was described as bruxism. Dr Le Fanu referred me to Dr. Linden-Kelly and he provided me with a hard plastic splint /guard which took some specific adjustments and was to be worn at night only. My early morning discomfort and pain in the jaw has now gone and I feel a lot more comfortable. In fact I had the first 2 complete nights’ sleep in a long time.
R.G. Vauxhall, London

Relief From Migraine...
"I initially consulted Rory Linden-Kelly, as I had not been able to chew on my left side for 13 years! Rory, correcting the alignment of my teeth, resulted in getting rid of my migraine problem, which was an amazing bonus for which I am extremely grateful."
Sylvie M.H. Surrey

Recent quote from a Patient:
"…I have no pain in my face or ear since wearing the splint. I am so grateful to you for the relief the splint has brought and will certainly pass on the information to Mr Evans, my doctor and dentist at my next appointment. My bite feels very comfortable and I am sure that in time my jaw joint will return to normal."
Shirley M

"I did suffer badly from migraines and had tried everything including MRI scans,osteopaths, food intolerance investigations etc.  and in 2010 came to Dr Rory Linden-Kelly. The NTI device worked dramatically quickly and I wore it for quite some time. I then had some alignments to my teeth and a simple extraction and it will be 4 years since I last had a migraine and 18 months without the NTI. Rarely do I even have a headache - probably had 2 headaches in those 4 years! I still pretty much everyday think "Wow, I can't believe I use to have migraines pretty much everyday of the week, what if I'd never found the cure."
Mark Rhodes, Author and Speaker

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