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Migraine treatment by our
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As many as 80% of migraines may be related to clenching or grinding habits of the teeth (this is known as Bruxism), often done unknowingly during the night. Symptoms could be:

Morning headaches
lasting through
the day
Facial pain/ sinus pain
Pain behind eyes
Stiff necks
Shoulder stiffness
Neck pain
Clicking jaw joints
Ear pain
Regular fractures of teeth & crowns coming loose
Sore teeth



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I have been using the most recent minimal appliance from the U.S.A. - the NTI-tss (click to open link) and have had good results.

This has been the subject of two Daily Mail articles on migraine treatments, the most recent published on the 17th September 2002 in the Good Health section. Click here to view article in full.

I have also had 15 years experience in other appliances and dental equilibration to remove the need for permanent use of a mouth appliance.






Initial migraine treatment consultations would usually last 45 minutes and would include provision of a NTI-tss appliance. There would then be a follow-up appointment. The total cost would be £350.

I will be pleased to answer general migraine treatment enquiries but with my patients' needs first I would prefer e-mails or faxes.


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