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The Nti-tss 

A small appliance easily fitted in one visit; covers only top front teeth.
It works by preventing the back teeth touching and this stops them grinding, it also stops the cheek muscles and head muscles over-working. (It is these muscles that mimic migraine symptoms).
This is not suitable for patients who have jaw joint problems: these include clicking joints, jaw joint noises and dislocating joints

Cost : £400.00





Full Mouth Splints

Made of hard plastic. These can cover the top or bottom jaw. They protect all teeth and balance the bite by being adjusted to fit the opposing teeth; this stabilises the whole jaw including the joints. Probably a gold standard for splints.
These need at least 2 visits as impressions/moulds are taken and the appliance is made at a laboratory.
The second visit requires specific adjustment and fitting, sometimes a third visit is required

Cost : £675.00


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